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    Form processing

    Hi I wrote following form processing script that I got partially to work. everything works (validation and adding name and email to header), but I can't get it to add the content in the body, I have saved all contents in the variable $body here it is:

    function VerifyForm(&$values, &$errors)

    if (strlen($values['name']) < 3)
    $errors['name'] = 'Name too short';
    elseif (strlen($values['name']) > 40)
    $errors['name'] = 'Name too long';

    if (!ereg('.*@.*\..{2,4}', $values['email']))
    $errors['email'] = 'Email address invalid';

    else {if(isset($_POST['submit'])){


    $products = $_POST['products'];
    $colors = $_POST['colors'];
    $start = $_POST['start'];
    $deadline = $_POST['deadline'];
    $budget = $_POST['budget'];
    $comment= $_POST['comment'];

    return (count($errors) == 0);


    function DisplayForm($values, $errors)

    $body = "Confirmation: $confirm\n\n\n
    Name: $name\n
    Email: $email\n

    Company: $company\n

    Services selected:\n
    products: $products\n
    colors: $colors\n
    When Would you like to start: $start\n
    Project deadline: $deadline\n
    Budget: $budget\n

    Details/Comments :$comment


    all field are here



    function ProcessForm($values)
    mail('myemail@domain.com', "response" , $body, "From: \"{$values['name']}\ <{$values['email']}>");

    echo "Sent ";

    $formValues = $_POST;
    $formErrors = array();

    if (!VerifyForm($formValues, $formErrors))
    DisplayForm($formValues, $formErrors);
    DisplayForm(null, null);
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