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Thread: popup input to sql?

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    popup input to sql?

    Hi Guys.
    I need a javascript prompt popup which allows the user to input 1 line of text, when they submit it, it will update a sql table using php.

    The reason is for a user to decline a job, when they click 'reject job' it will popup and ask for a reason.
    The reason will be stored in mysql.

    Please help!
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    Re:Popup input to SQL

    Yo can use prompt function. From it you can take the input and then update the database accordingly
    like that:
    prompt("Please enter your name","Your name");

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    I can make the promp ok, and i can pull the variable using this tutorial

    how do i send the variable to php/sql without refreshing the page?
    This is the part im stuck with

    I want
    User presses button - popup requests a comment and presses ok - comment is then entered into sql table - user is back where he started.

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    The only way to do it without submitting the page is with AJAX techniques. Otherwise, you'll have to submit the page to send the data to the server.

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    i am aware of this.
    I was hoping for some code example of this i could then try or play with?

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