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Thread: Removing Browser History

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    Removing Browser History

    Hey Guys,

    My clients have a, "Family Violence" Prevention website and they have asked me to create them an "Exit" button so that the users could escape the page quickly if they heard their abusive partners.

    I added the "javascript:document.location.replace("http://www.google.com")" to the button to disable the back button, but it only works on the last page viewed.. if they viewed more than one page on the website it takes them back to the page before the last page viewed.

    Is there a way to remove all pages from a domain name? or remove all browser history before that?

    If not possible does anyone have any alternate suggestions?


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    firstly, ask them to use incognito or private viewing more if available: it's much safer than relying on JS.

    also, most routers keep a log of all sites visited. i checked logs when my ex suspiciously cleared the history...
    might be worth using IP#s instead of DNS names to reduce the search-ability of logs.

    you could add onclick events in a loop so that all your links automatically get re-written to their js equivalent using the replace function that you said works:

    for(var r=document.links, mx=r.length, i=0;i<mx;i++){
      var it= r[i];
      it.onclick=function(){location.replace(this.href); return false;};
    run this code in an onload or at the bottom of the page.
    remind visitors to leave by using a link.
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