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Thread: jPaq - A Fully Customizable Utilities Library

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    Post jPaq - A Fully Customizable Utilities Library

    jPaq is a new library that I released on February 2, 2011. It is a fully customizable JavaScript library, meaning the developer can download just the functions, objects and classes that he or she needs. Unlike JXtension, jPaq is fully documented on the web and within the full version of the build that you design. jPaq is lightweight like JXtension was, but the code has been better tested. Three versions of each build can be downloaded: minified version, full version, and vsdoc version (for Visual Studio 2008+). Visit http://www.jpaq.org/ and tell me what you think I could do to improve it.

    In an attempt to stop try to re-invent the wheel, I decided to scrap the JXtension project. Still, many of the things that were available in JXtension can now be found in jPaq.

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    jPaq Example - Squares On A Checker Board

    I have posted an example of an animated solution to a math problem on JS Bin which uses both jQuery and jPaq. The math problem involves counting the amount of squares on a checker board. The example can be found here: http://jsbin.com/checkerboard/2. This example gives you the ability to specify the amount of rows and columns on the checker board. The jPaq.GET object, Array.range function, and Array.prototype.forEach function are all used in this example.

    By the way, I do realize that you can determine how many squares are on any rectangular board by using Faulhaber's formula (square pyramidal numbers):
    1. Let h =the number of rows on the board
    2. Let w = the number of columns on the board
    3. Let min = the minimum of h and w
    4. Set x = min * (min - 1) / 2
    5. The total number of squares = min * h * w - x * h - x * w + min * (min - 1) * (2 * min - 1) / 6

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