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Thread: Drag and Drop panels with automatic placement - help

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    Drag and Drop panels with automatic placement - help

    Hi, I've tried to do some googleing, but I cannot find any information on this subject. I'm sure there is info out there, I think I just don't know the correct keywords to get me to the right results.

    Anyways, I'm trying to make a web page that will have 12 panels (or whatever the appropriate name is) that can be moved around, but when the user moves one panel the other 11 move to a different spot. So if a user moved the 9th panel to the 3rd panels spot, it would bump all the panels from the 4th to the 8th panel up 1 position.

    I was thinking that this would appear in a 4x3 grid.

    Can anyone offer any guidance on my issue?

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    Anyone have any thoughts? I'm stumped.

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