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Thread: Web Based OCR for Invoice Processing

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    Web Based OCR for Invoice Processing

    Hi everyone,

    I need an OCR web-service that transforms a scanned(PDF,JPG,etc.) invoice into a database file(currently i'm using Oracle with PSP(PL/SQL Server Pages) but i am free to use anything for this function). The problem that i'm facing is that i want this OCR to be work on a pattern: for example, on the left corner in a box is the name of the vendor,etc.

    I think i could split the invoice into tiny sections coresponding to each input field in the database but i'm having a problem with the character recognition.

    Since when a user scans an invoice it enters a pattern with it, i know the font used and the location of each input field. Is there any web service able to achieve this or should i do it on my own?

    Kind Regards,
    Mateius Korgha

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    I am sure this not a JavaScript issue, thus I will move this thread to a proper Forum

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    i would slice the image before running ocr.
    then you can dump each region into a field, populated with the ocr'd value.
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