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Thread: preg_replace matching word with inner tag

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    preg_replace matching word with inner tag

    Say you have a string:

    PHP Code:
    $str='This is a<wbr /> line of te<wbr />xt'
    I want to wrap certain words with a span tag, like:

    PHP Code:
    But obviously that doesnt work because in the string there is a '<wbr />' in the middle of it. Note that I can't strip out the '<wbr />'.

    Does anyone know how I would go about doing this?

    Many thanks!

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    By the way, it's worth pointing out that there won't necessarily be a '<wbr />' in the middle of the word and the location of it is arbitrary.. e.g.

    PHP Code:
    $str='This is a<wbr /> line of te<wbr />xt, look at this text and how good this tex<wbr />t is.'
    Also there could be more than one, such as:

    PHP Code:
    $str='t<wbr />e<wbr />xt'
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    Nevermind, after a phat amount of regexing i figured it out

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    hi i would be very interested in your olution if you still remember it.

    I have this as an input:

    <p>Hello wo<em>rld</em></p>
    <p>How are you <span style='text-decoration:underline'>doing?</span></p>

    i need to have the following output:

    <p><span id='w_1'>Hello</span> <span id='w_2'>wo<em>rld</em></span></p>
    <p><span id='w_3'>How</span> <span id='w_4'>are</span> <span id='w_5'>you</span> <span id='w_6'><span style='text-decoration:underline'>doing?</span></span></p>

    thanks in advance !

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