I made a small site that works perfectly except for a strange bug. Occasionally, when I click the "previous" button or "next" button (both of which link to different pages) on a page, I notice the page won't load, but when I try again, sometimes it does load. Maybe something is wrong with my internet connection, but this behavior is strange.

The links are plain HTML links, and the URLs are fine...Occasionally the page will load when I click the link, but sometimes it won't without several tries. And when it does load, it often loads relatively quickly. I don't think the pages are too heavy with bandwidth sucking graphics. There's no pattern that I can see.

Is it possible this is happening because my browser (I have tried several types) has problems rendering the javascript on the page? The javascript in question just balances out the page's column heights. Nothing too fancy.

I asked my hosting company (HostGator) about it, but they say the server's fine and state that my Internet connection might be intermittent.

I really don't know what it is. Any help would be great.