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Thread: [RESOLVED] Embedding javascript

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Embedding javascript

    I'm real new to javascript, and I need to add a drag and drop feature to my webpage. I found a great demo webpage, http://www.webreference.com/programm...column2/3.html. The only problem is that there are two bits of code and I'm not sure where each bit goes. I know its real basic, but if somebody could generate a html page from these two bits (just so I can see where I'm supposed to put each piece and what tags I need to add), that would be really helpful. I guessed that the first bit goes in the header and the second bit is just plain html and goes in the body, but when I tried it, it didn't work

    Thanks in advance!

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    if you try to open your page in chrome and do 'inspect element' what's the error it gives you?
    if its unidentified element or such, i think you should just place the html as you would normally, and the javascript code underneath it, this way, the elements load before any variables are set.

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    I got it all figured out. Thanks for the advice

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