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    Hi all,

    i am currently into module where i need to convert a Indesign layout to a web page, i need to get the same design as html, what is there in the Indesign layout.

    Please anyone there to help me


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    Not quite sure what you want, indesign is a design program, so guessing you have a basic web page outline that you want to make into an html page, but where does xml come into this?

    My advice is to go to www.w3schools.com and look at some of the turorials there. They should help. Or atleast post a screen shot of your design or code so we can look at it.

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    Indesign is not quite the best application for Web Design, as it is a rather a tool for printing (typography) layouts. Its web design capabilities are poor. I would have used Photoshop or/and Illustrator instead.

    The web design technique is otherwise: no matter what graphical tool you use for a layout, you should cut the image into pieces and write your self the HTML and CSS codes to insert those pieces into a real web document. Dreamweaver can give you some help in writing the codes, but in the end you have to code almost with your bare hands

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