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Thread: Frame / iFrame problem with all versions of IE

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    Frame / iFrame problem with all versions of IE

    I hate IE.

    A quickie project for my wife, in which an iFrame made the most sense, isn't working in IE.

    The initial page comes from "files.whatever.com/file.htm" (domain name replaced for this example)...

    But on that page, when you click a link, it should load info into the iframe on the right side of the page. That link is something like this: "dev.whatever.com/this/that/theotherthing/page.htm".

    Same domain name, but different subdomain, because they're on two different servers. Of course it works fine in FF and Chrome, but not in IE6 or IE8.

    I've tested the frame code by putting a link to a local file, and that loads fine. It just won't load the one from the other subdomain.

    Now, I know IE blocks cross-domain frames, but this doesn't make sense.

    It's not practical to move all this under the same domain, it'd make for a lot of additional work. This is a stop-gap measure to hold us over til I get some other stuff done.

    Is there a way to fix this?



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    You could try this:
    initially point your iFrame to a blank page on the main domain (your eg was 'files.whatever.com'). In the head tags of this balnk page, put in a meta refresh that points to your subdomain page - where you really want to point to.
    - A cheap trick might but worth a try maybe?

    If not, can you post the real eg link?

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