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Thread: Out of curiosity, why can't Google choose what to display in it's results?

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    Out of curiosity, why can't Google choose what to display in it's results?

    I've seen a lot of news about Google modifying its search results to Google's advantage and how it's illegal. Why can't Google modify it? The results were public data gathered by Google, Google should have the right to choose which sites to display on it.
    For example, Google can't simply remove all of its competitors from its search results, right? But why?

    I just came across this line: "If Google is found guilty of abusing its dominant position in the search or advertising markets it could face a hefty fine." here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-12540731
    But I still don't understand why

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    If Google claims/advertises that its search results are unbiased and then it is proven they are, they would at the least be guilty of false advertising. It is less clear to me how valid the claims of monopolistic acts -- taking advantage of their market position to squash competitors -- would be valid, as that largely depends on the specific laws in the jurisdiction in question (and even then it may be a gray area that could still go either way).
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    It called UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICES. Against the law(Federal level, here in US). Remember Gates being punished at the Federal level because of the "alleged" use of Apples code to defeat Apple as a competitor? Same thing. Gates paid a hefty, hefty fine (made a deal in the millions). Lots of example in history showing the break up of Larger powers to promote, create and keep viable commercial (competitive) enterprise here (USA).

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