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Thread: Updating a button

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    Updating a button

    Noticed this old thread where someone was asked why they wanted to refresh a page. I used to develop ASP.Net sites professionally and recently came back to it for a website for a friend who asked for a shopping cart.

    To update the "add to cart" buttons for each item inside a repeater after they were clicked, I wrapped a declarative databinding method inside my own method. I remembered that after a button was clicked, it would do a post back and raise the click event after it called the methods in the markup. I also remembered getting a specific item in a repeater is not straightforward and so instead I put Response.Redirect(Request.Url.ToString()); at the end of the click event method, and it worked OK.

    I realize there are far better solutions for doing this, including an UpdatePanel or even de facto javascript. With all the latest developments of ajax and javascript libraries, what are people doing now for something like this?

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    i guess best question to ask you is which version of the .NET framework did you last work with? Anything prior to .net framework 2.0 requires seperate ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 extensions however .net 3.5 & 4 include the AJAX Library 3.5 which is the JavaScript library that provides the client-side features of ASP.NET AJAX.

    The latest tool for developement from Microsoft is the Silverlight framework which is a web application framework that provides functionality similar to Flash and Flex and allows the integration of multimedia, animations and interactivity into your site.

    Hope that helps



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