Hey guys,

I just got a job at a company that uses CF as its server side language. I'm a quick learner and have the basics ironed out so my boss gave me a project that seems above my league but before I tell him, I'd like to know if there is anything I could try. And I've looked thru all relevant adobe pages and multiple forum and blog posts.

Now, as the title goes, this is about a web service a client of ours has that he wants us to use. I've found the WSDL doc and all the imports it has, but for the life of me, I cannot get the service to run or display any form of error to tell me whats happening, aside from an error on my side.

From the error it looks like I'm getting an error returned from the service but I get a semantic error when the compiler attempt to set an int to a java.lang.integer.

The service file is a .SVC extension. And the crazy thing the error which should be that nice table is instead the HTML of the table and everything on the page (as in the html is shown on the page)

Is there anything more you need to know to help me?