Hi there I am working on a client side application but have run into a problem.

I have data in an XML file that I need to extract and place on the HTML page.

The XML is like this:
<name> The Garden </name>
          <address_line> Don Street </address_line> 
          <address_line> Central Building </address_line>
          <city> Aberdeen </city>
          <postcode> AB24 1WU </postcode>                
          <country> Scotland </country>
    <website> </website>
        <lon> 1.0 </lon>
        <lat> 2.0 </lat>
        <vid> 123 </vid>
        <description> Blubblub!!23 </description>
And I need to code that into the HTML webpage, however it is all linked to the stylesheet and so I have not been able to figure out a way of getting javascript to work inside these div's?

Any ideas?