Hey all,

We (my boss) would like to pull the payloadID and timestamp from incoming cXML orders for injection into our MySQL database. The code to inject the information is already complete and working, and I am able to pull information from tags and attributes within the XML, however I don't seem to be able to pull any information from within the <cXML> tag itself.

Here's an example of the cXML tag:

<cXML payloadID="systemgeneratedpayloadid" timestamp="timestamp" version="1.2.021" xml:lang="en-US">
The XML is set up as follows:

PHP Code:
foreach($this->simpleXML as $url
And here are some examples of how the information that works is pulled in the same function:

PHP Code:
$item[4] = $url->OrderRequest->OrderRequestHeader['orderID'];  #Attribute from tag
$NetworkID $url->From->Credential->Identity;   #XML data 
I have tried to pull the payloadID and timestamp like so without results:

PHP Code:
$item[8] = $url->cXML['payloadID']; 
Anyone have any suggestions? Your help would be greatly appreciated.