I did front-end development/design for a number of years but have been out of the field for 3 years and am trying to find some resources for most effectively updating my skills. Most of what I've done in the past has been using Photoshop to slice up or modify designs from a graphic artist, hand coding the HTML/CSS to display correctly in multiple browsers (including the still lingering IE6 - when will it die, die, die!?), managing forms, nav elements, includes, etc., creating little banner ads and other promo graphics, and managing email newsletters through Lyris ListManager. So client-side programming with a little graphic work thrown in.

I'm thinking I'd like to dive into HTML5, CSS3, Javascript/JQuery, and probably a bit of PHP/MySQL. I'd also like an overview of utilizing social media (still pretty new when I was last working) and info on ecommerce solutions (not enterprise level, more for small sites). The problem I'm having is all the books I've found so far are so basic, starting from "what is HTML?" and going over all the complete beginner info...possibly near the end or woven in little snippets throughout they might discuss changes found in HTML5 or CSS3 or other technologies.

So, anyone have recommendations on books that assume you already know how to do web design but want to get up to date on the latest and greatest? Have a book you just love on Javascript/JQuery or PHP that is suitable for an "advanced beginner"?

Thanks so much!