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Thread: need some expert advice!

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    need some expert advice!

    I have a web design customer that does not want to pay me until this issue is fixed..

    But I can't find the problem!

    He claims that when you click on the small images they come up distorted..

    I have tested on multiple computers and find no errors..

    worldwebguys dot com/rusty_truck/work.php

    Can some of you guys check and tell me if you find any distortion?

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    Under Chrome and Safari (XP) the images are distorted due to being displayed at the wrong aspect ratio.

    It may pay to validate your markup to match the doctype. http://validator.w3.org

    Your document appears to be trying to include lightbox.js and scriptaculous.js,
    which are not loading. Presumably they're not needed and should be removed.

    Your image "1.jpg" has not been optimised ( >2MB ) and is crippling the loading of the site.

    Q: I found this code...
    A: Then find its author.

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    Thanks for the expert advice.. I very much appreciate it!

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