Hi Everyone,

I am new here .
I have a little knowledge of javascript .

I want to use a edit button in my jsp page such that if the user clicks on the button it , it first enable the disable field and then change edit to save.

But when i am click on the edit button it didn't hide the edit button.

Here is my code snippet:
<TD ><textarea name="notes" size="400" disabled="true" id="notes"><bean:write name="notes" property="notes" /></textarea></TD>

<th class="button" colspan=3 align="center"><input type="button" name="edit"
value="Edit" onclick="enableField('edit');" />

function enableField(edit)
document.getElementById('notes').disabled="" ;
document.getElementById('edit').style.visibility = "hidden";

How to do this?

Or, can you suggest a link where this is explained?