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Thread: jquery get not retrieving xml

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    jquery get not retrieving xml

    I am putting together a simple ajax run site. It is mostly a project for me to practice using jquery. all was going well until I was working on a form submitted to a php file and I fired up my local server to run the php. Now my ajax calls will not get the xml files that contain page content.

    So when i have my server turned off I can view my pages and all seems well. I turn on my local server(MAMP) and the first page doesn't load any more. The path looks good and it gets right to the .get function then stops.

    Any ideas as to why the server is fudging it up?


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    Many apologies, the get is getting the xml but this line is not executing as expected. Again, this does work without the server running:
    if(($(data).find(':first-child').parent().attr('type')) == "content"){
    and here is a bit of the xml:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <Root type="content">
    firebug is telling me that the first child with a type of content is undefined.

    UPDATE: this does work with the server running, but not when it is off.

    if(($(data).find(':first-child').attr('type')) == "content"){
    So why is the xml format(dom?/heirarchy) changing when a server is running?
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