Hi, i don't know where to post this but i would like some advice, i have made a bat file that encrypts text for one use messages or a conversation.

long story short this is used at LAN events over a communication program called IRC, but i am trying to get it to run completely over the internet.

The program requires a location such as a shared folder on a network to store the chatencode.ini.temp file that the program makes during the conversation. this file holds all the information the bat needs to allow user to join the conversation.

I have converted the file in to an EXE and it still works, so my question is, what will i need and what is the best language to use to put this on a website. so the program run with the old CMD interface on the website.

Also I have a server with a static IP.

If he code is required so make a valid conclusion then please as me for the code, as it is 70 A4 pages long, thus i don't want to put it on the forum.