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Thread: table / slices alignment issues

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    table / slices alignment issues

    I just recreated the graphic again and when I save for web, it displays fine. I edit it to show my roll-overs and its fine.

    But when I copy the code and insert into the index file, in a <div> tag:

    Slices section
    body attributes (preload)

    I get the extra horizontal space you see on the page above.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I have done this multiple times, hoping to catch a simple mistake. Obviously I am doing something wrong elsewhere.


    Thank you!

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    I just went through and tested with all browsers available in adobe browserlab and the only one that shows correctly is IE7 for windows

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    I changed the doc type from html 5 to xhtml transitional and it fixed the problem.

    I thought choosing the newer doc type would be downward compatable.

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