Hey Guys,

First off, I'd like to say Hi. My name is Eric and I am a self-teaching web designer currently working through med school. I've done a few projects for little things here and there, however, my only real/official web design project was for my fathers business. I have been hired by a local company to re-design their website, and I've been looking for a place that I could come to bounce ideas, get help, and (hopefully) help others. I have (some) experience in HTML, CSS, Flash, and PHP, however, I am far from knowing everything there is to know!

Anywho, I've run into some problems on my current project. I usually use Google Chrome for all of my web browsing, however, with this latest project, I find that I can't. When I load the webpage up in IE8, the page loads and functions perfectly fine, however, when I load the page up in Chrome, I have found two problems.

  1. - If I use '%' (as in relative, rather than absolute), Google chrome won't load the object. I've tried using %'s both in HTML and via CSS, however, no luck! (BTW: I use a .php file, however, 98% of the coding is in HTML).
  2. - If I use absolute values (i.e. '1024px' * '768px') then Google Chrome loads the object fine, however, this causes the object to be either clipped or deformed on other resolutions. Also, even when Chrome does load the object (.swf object), the JavaScript (which I'm learning) I use to send commands from html to the .swf object (via ExternalInterface) don't work.

I'm just stumped here! this is the first time that I've combined CSS, HTML, PHP, and Flash into one webpage. I'm hoping someone could perhaps lend me a hand here. Also, If you have any cool ideas/design pointers for me I would gladly accept them

PS: The website is FAR from finished. The logo is just a placeholder until I have the new design and integrate it in a better way, the same goes for the 'Icons' at the bottom of the page (just placeholders).

Anyway here is the link: