I'm a web designer with minor development skills, and I wish to find the right development strategy for a website, and then hook up with the right developer. I'd be interested to see which CMS webdev members would recommend for the following website for a print journal that wishes to develop digitally (keeping the print mag, but opening up archive content to the web etc). Any suggestions are very much appreciated - I'd like to offer the best solution, taking into consideration that this a small arts organisation who may be able to dip into a digital funding resource, but will have limited funds for ongoing costs - i.e. thinking open source framework.

I'm used to Wordpress, but feel it may be too limited for the following (especially regarding the searchable database of archive content), though I'm happy to be persuaded otherwise. I've worked with a Joomla developer - perhaps this is a good option?

  • Easily updatable events listing system
  • Host contributor blogs
  • Searchable database of content (fiction, artwork) previously published in the magazine in the form of texts, PDFs and/or images
  • Searchable section giving contributors the ability to log in and create profiles about themselves, having the ability to upload sample texts, add links, images etc.

Other stuff
  • To be easily updated using a standard CMS
  • To be highly adaptable to future changes
  • To be easily available and readable on all standard web browsers and devices, including, where possible, mobile devices