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Thread: IE 7 to IE 8 CSS Problem

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    Question IE 7 to IE 8 CSS Problem

    Hi Folks, normally i get my answers through searching Google, but this time it`s to complex and i need some help...

    What i have to change in the CSS that my site look good in IE 7?

    Here is the Website: http://webserva.de/kirchner/

    And here is the Screenshot of the IE 7:


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    I would reconsider doing your site entirely with tables. Instead, use css and divs. But to address your problem "as is". This is actually a bug in IE7 and former browser versions. Simply remove all of the spaces between table-related tags. (for example "<tr><td> table contents </td></tr>" instead of "<tr> <td> table contents </td> </tr>").

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