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Thread: Measuring Stored Procedures against inline SQL

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    Measuring Stored Procedures against inline SQL

    We run a fairly complex website using classic ASP. We are going to be moving our SQL Queries over to Stored procedures from the traditional code inline method.

    What we need is a way of measuring the speed of both methods to see the level of query time saved (if any) when using Stored Procedures.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    It's been a while since I've used Classic ASP (much, MUCH preferred over .NET), so I really don't remember if Classic ASP has an equivalent to ColdFusions getTickCount() function (grabs the number of milliseconds that have passed since 00:00:00.000 Jan 1, 1970.)

    If it does, then you can use that to time all the inline queries; then do the same thing with Stored Procedures.

    Get milliseconds; run query; get milliseconds; calculate difference.

    Get milliseconds; run SP; get milliseconds; calculate difference.


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    Thanks WolfShade,

    That makes sense, so I'm going to have to run both types of query from the web page to get an accurate A-B test.

    I'll run two functions, one after the other, calculating the time difference between both.

    Very helpful, Thank you!

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