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Thread: Select from table ......

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    Select from table ......

    What I need to do is select the items from a existing table, and then display them in a dropdown form element. The user would select an item from the dropdown to be inserted in a text area. I was able to pull this off years ago, however I took a long hiatus.

    Any pointers? TIA

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    Ok lets try lol

    form > sends a post item variable to a php file > echo out <select> tag with the id of selected > php file connects to your mysql database table where contains post item variable > then starts a while command > this will echo out <option>THE CONTENT</option> (it will repeat to show more items) > use javascript to display their 2nd item selected like:
    document.getElementById('textbox').value = document.getElementById('selected').value;
    sorry if this is confusing

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