Hello! I'm new here but I have read the forum rules post. I didn't see anything about requesting a code review mentioned. So I'm sorry in advance if it isn't proper to ask for what I am asking for. Please let me know below if this is the case!

I have been developing JavaScript for websites on and off for about a year now, and have recently been working on a website project with a couple friends (the url is http://rqt.fromlifetodeath.com/). The project is about done and I think I'm ready to start telling everyone about it, but I thought I'd have some coders with more experience go through my code and suggest improvements that can no doubt be made. I've tested with the Error Console and run it through JSLint, so there shouldn't be too many worries there. It uses jQuery with no extensions. The code is fairly small so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle, only a couple hundred lines, nonetheless I won't post such a conglomeration here unless it is explicitly requested. Here's a link to the source itself: http://rqt.fromlifetodeath.com/rqtJScript.js.

Thank you!