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Thread: table td td tag issue

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    Unhappy table td td tag issue

    HI! to all programmers i will b happy if i will find some solution and u will make me reguler i was student of php mysql and i was good in php mysql but prob was this when i was wirte html tag then some tag was miss mean i dont understand where from i will start table and where i will use td tr
    my method was <table><tr><td></td></tr></table> like that but during this when i work on it 1 more prob i face which is i cant make oposit table also mean if i have in lefet make login area with wedth fift percent and i have also fifty percent place save i cant know how i will make there other signup area these confusion make me lasy and i leave html plz guide me how i will remove this confusion and make me a good html devoloper and i will b happy if you wil help me i cant understand what w3c want to say and its tatourial i want to know how i will make and devied them thats all thanks

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    do you understand the concepts of commas and full stops in punctuation? I was starting to turn blue by the time I go to the end of your post because I couldn't take a breath and now I feel too weak to answer your query

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    ys i know but main thing is question if you will ask question verbaly then will u use full stop or comma ur wasting time dear i was not imagen this respond thank for this reply

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