I'm designing a Javascript application that will parse input from a binary version of email attachments (images/etc.) rendered as a long string of Unicode characters. The application parses the useful data very well, but certain Unicode characters cause the paste function to fail. I tried to override the default paste function in order to remove these characters, however when stepping through this function in the DOM inspector, the clipboardData.length value shows as 0 whenever the clipboard includes one of these characters.

However when I attempt to post the same string into MS Word or TextEdit, it is able to do so without problems. Is there a way to use either HTML or Javascript to force the data from the clipboard into the TextBox? There are very few large images which will not include any such problematic characters.

For testing purposes, 0xDC00 decimal: 56320 is one such problematic character, though there seem to be many hundreds of such characters. Any suggestions? I thought this might be a browser problem, however this seems to be the case in at least 4 browsers. My charset is UTF-8 on the page, if that makes any difference. I know this is a really bizarre problem, but thanks for any help!!