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Thread: opinions and suggestions for website

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    opinions and suggestions for website

    You can register and subscribe to others that are posting, and you can post yourself (upload images, embed videos or post a blog page). It displays rss feeds and subscribe to those feeds.

    I am using css3 so it dosen't look so good on internet explorer.

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    Well the image in the header looks a bit old school maybe if you make in bigger and less contrasting with the rest of the website it would be better.
    Try to organize the sidebar and one other thing the sidebar caption button make it at least the size of the sidebar it self and maybe some color it is too gray in overall (the website)

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    Actually, I think the image in the header looks fine. Maybe it changed since tzenito posted, however.

    I would get rid of the box shadow around the posts and replace it with a regular solid color border, but that's my opinion.

    Remove the scrollbars on the user boxes on the users page.

    It looks like it works well. Good job.

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