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Thread: What's up with page rank checkers?

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    What's up with page rank checkers?

    I have tried at least 10 of them this week and none show me the data.
    Statcounter perfectly shows in the visitor path ranks for those that are in top 1-100. But I am trying to add new keywords and see how they are progressing, and for that I need to use an external checker. None give me results even for keywords i rank on 1st page.

    What tool do you use?
    Also which one shows you a list of keywords on which you rank without you adding the list (I want to see what I don't know yet).

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    Stat counter is good, place the code in footer or sidebar so that it would tracker all the pages.

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    I am asking about keywords rank, not traffic checker :-)

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    Google Web Master Tools

    This tool uses your site map to index your site into Google and gives you what key words people use to get to your site and you can check your rank from the data.
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    You may try traffic travis(http://www.traffictravis.com/). It has a free train version which you may try to see the results. By the way, you need a keyword rank checker not a page rank checker. Page rank checker can provide you the information related to a page rank assigned by Google for your website only. It doesn't show the keyword positioning.

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