Hello All,

I have a very strange problem and I'm really hoping somebody can help me out. Basically I developed a website for my employer on a web server running IIS 7.5 w/ php installed.

That being said when I browse to localhost via Internet Explorer on the server itself the webpage looks perfectly fine. It also looks perfectly fine if I browse to it via a client computer with Firefox.

The problem is when I browse to the website through the server address rather than using localhost and only with IE it seems to go wonky. I've posted screenshots below so that you're able to see a comparison.

All other pages on the site aside from the index are working fine however the other pages do not have the sidebar w/ links on the lefthand side, only the index does.

Browsing to webserv via Firefox on Client station:

Browsing to localhost via Internet Explorer on Server:

Browsing to webserv via Internet Explorer on Server or Client station:

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys.