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    Hello All,

    I'm doing a web project which involves states. I'm required to link each page (a state) to the next using a Flash button. (Our class has Macromedia Dreamweaver 8) I have this button link to a file that checks the referrer of a webpage and then redirects you a new page based on the page you were just on. For some reason, it keeps taking me to the same page. I have a very long if statement which has 14 other "else if"s and one "else". The page it takes me to is the page within the original "if" statement block. Does someone know what's wrong? Please help soon as this is urgent.

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    Hi, Andrew.

    Can't help much without seeing code.

    If you are going to a new page to get the name of the page you left so you can know where to go to next.. that seems like it's way more complex than it needs to be.

    Unless the instructor of the class purposely instructed you to do it this way (and I can't imagine why he/she would), there's probably a better way.


    PS.. are you sure this isn't a FLASH question?

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    Thanks. No, my teacher didn't require it but I like going above and beyond. I finished the project already (I just put a different link on each page) but I was still wondering how to do it, if you knew how.

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