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Thread: [RESOLVED] Toggle with mouseover

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Toggle with mouseover


    I'm new to javascript, and i'm having a problem. I want a button, which functions as a toggle, but also as a mouseover. When you click, under the button, a div opens with text. And when you mouse over, a shadow appears behind the button.

    I have two pieces of javascript, but i want both in my button. Can anybody help me?

    In this javascript, you see two buttons, the left, has the perfect mouseover. The right has the perfect toggle.
    The right button now only needs the mouseover function when clicked. When the toggle is opened, the mouseover doesn't work any more.


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    assign all the event listeners to one element?
    HTML Code:
    <element onclick="function()" onmouseover="function()" onmouseout="function()">

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