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Thread: Thumbnails Quit Showing Up!

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    Thumbnails Quit Showing Up!

    Hey, I've been using Wordpress. Recently some of my thumbnails started disappearing and the newer images have not been loading at all. I've searched everywhere for a solution but unfortunately I've been unsuccessful.

    When I try to view the thumbnail images that aren't loading, I get this error message.

    Warning: touch() [function.touch]: Unable to create file ./cache/faf0cc6f8bbe3aa435179e50401e3236.jpg because File too large in /home/content/18/5710018/html/wp-content/themes/groovyvideo/thumb.php on line 149

    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/18/5710018/html/wp-content/themes/groovyvideo/thumb.php:149) in /home/content/18/5710018/html/wp-content/themes/groovyvideo/thumb.php on line 159
    My website is http://www.hipstrumentals.com btw. I can upload my thumb.php file if need be.

    Please help. Thank you.

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    either your file size is to large for the thumbnail, or your permissions aren't set properly with your hosting provider, I had similar trouble with goDaddy.com a couple of days ago

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    Another possibility might be that you've reached the disk space limit for your hosting plan (though all the but the very cheapest generally give you oodles of space these days, unless you are storing large video files or such).
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