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Thread: Trying to Update image and text strings in XML using database

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    Trying to Update image and text strings in XML using database

    Can someone head me in the right direction? I just can't get a clear answer for this , I am sure, ver simple task .I have created a database with images, text strings and links and I want to insert certain cells into an xml file I have that is used in an image flipper of sorts. For example when I automatically update the database I want the xml file to show the new images text and links.

    First I am calling image then url and then finally custom text
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Maybe I'm not understanding exactly what you are asking for. But from what I've read of your question, it seems to me that you are making an extra unnecessary step, extra work for what can be done directly from the database.


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    What I am trying to accomplish is updating a flash file which utilizes an xml file. The images and text and links are called from this xml file.My database is automatically updated with new info regularly and I want this to reflect in my flash file.

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    here is link to importing and exporting MySQL database/tables as XML.




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    If you're using MS-SQL-S you can use

    with CTE as (
    select all your data ...

    (select ...
    .... ... .... ...
    FOR XML [strict | auto | PATH('foobar')], [TYPE], [ELEMENTS]
    ) as tagbaz

    FOR XML PATH('root'), TYPE

    Works like a charm with common table expressions + all select sub-queries and no FROM clause. Not the most efficient thing in the world, but it's nice and easy once you understand the FOR XML syntax. You'll have to be a sub-query guru to get the data exactly how you want it-

    it can be an enormous hassle if your XML document is not structured in a hierarchical way. *slaps coworker*
    I use (, ; : -) as I please- instead of learning the English language specification: I decided to learn Scheme and Java;

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