I am trying to find a way to pull multiple rows from a database and than be able to separate the rows and use them in php.

PHP Code:
      $result mysql_query("SELECT url, image, placement FROM advert
      WHERE user='1'"
) OR die(mysql_error());
//This grabs 3 rows with placement name equal to 'sideadtop','sideadmiddle','sideadbottom'

($row mysql_fetch_array($resultMYSQL_NUM));

$keytop array_search('sideadtop'$row);
$sideadtop['url'] == $row[$keytop]['url'];
$sideadtop['image'] == $row[$keytop]['image'];

$keymiddle array_search('sideadmiddle'$row);
$sideadmiddle['url'] == $row[$keymiddle]['url'];
$sideadmiddle['image'] == $row[$keymiddle]['image']; 
I am trying to get the url and image values for each ad placement value. Should I be using mysql to pull individual rows or use php to separate them if possible. Or is there a better way to do this?

Any help is appreciated