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Thread: javascript for detecting System then redirecting to sys-specific page

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    javascript for detecting System then redirecting to sys-specific page

    I post video on the web for personal sites and for clients. Still to date there is no viable cross platform video codec, Windows STILL does not support Flash, and Mac doesn't support WHM.

    I use Fancybox to display video, using the iframe function in fancybox to get a page with the video embedded.

    I would like a javascript detector I can install in the head of the page that is loaded into the iframe which will detect the system of the user's computer, for inst: if Windows then do nothing, if Mac then redirect to a different page to load, so that I can load Flash only for Mac machines, and WHM only for Windows machines. Is this possible, and what would that javascript be?

    If not poss. for iframe loading (don't know why it wouldn't be), then I'd like a script to do that function for a normal html page.
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