I am helping a friend with a website that was made with Joomla. He has an issue with a search form on one of the pages. The search form allows the user to enter their location (either through zip code or a map) then by how many miles away. Next there are check boxes with different kinds of games. At the end the user may pick "gamers matching all" or "gamers matching any". The problem is that the "gamers matching any" does not use the location as a required selection, so if the user puts in their location and selects games and uses this search option, then they could get results from users in different states even if they wanted to find local gamers.

The part of the code that controls this function looks like this:
<input type="radio" name="xius_join" value="AND" checked />GAMERS MATCHING ALL
<input type="radio" name="xius_join" value="OR" />GAMERS MATCHING ANY

If there is any other code someone needs to look at let me know, I just included this much because the website's code is very unorganized.

To sum things up, when a user checks "Gamers matching any" I want it to first check to see if they put a location, if they did not, then it would function as it does now, but if they did then I want the location to come up in the search, and at least one of the check boxes to come up if any were selected.