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Thread: Check PHP session with jQuery

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    Check PHP session with jQuery

    Is there a way to check to see if a user currently has a session in PHP with jQuery? I'm trying to say if there isn't a session then I'd like to pop open a login box which I can do but just don't know how to check the session. Thanks.

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    If there is not a PHP session, you may simply echo/print the JavaScript codes you need (no matter if it is JQuery or anything else). The problems resumes to a PHP problem: what to echo and what not if a PHP session variable exists.

    But: it is not a wise thing to use a JavaScript (JQuery or whichever other JavaScript library - it makes no difference) code to display a login box or not. This has to be done only with the server-side language (PHP this case).
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    Agreed, I would want to use the jQuery to use the .load function and call my PHP script to display the login box if there is no PHP session variable present.

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    You can query a php script using AJAX that tells you whether the session has expired periodically and then load the form if the session is no longer valid. My recommendation is to use JSON in your returns from php since you could combine both calls into a single response.

    PHP Code:
    $resultsArray['status'] = false;
    $resultsArray['form'] = "html form for login here";
    $resultsArray['status'] = true;

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