Hello everyone,

I am trying to customise a javascript gallery for a website. I found a template to download and have managed to amend/customise most of the things we wanted to change. There are just two final things I need some help with.

You can download the working source files here - which contains the html page, css stylesheet and javascript:


What we need to do is as follows;

At present, the main image is clickable. When clicked it takes you back to the first image. It would be great to disable this function.

The second feature we would like to customise is the image title that appears on the bottom left corner of the main image. We would like this title to appear only when the mouse is hovered over the main image. There is a counter that appears on the bottom right of the image that works in this way - we would just like to make the image title do the same thing!

I'm sure if you know what you are doing these would be very fast fixes, and my trial and error attempts are causing havoc with other functionality.

Thanks very much for any advice anyone can provide.