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Thread: Redirect broken links

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    Redirect broken links

    I'm redesigning my site completely, new folders/subfolders etc.

    I know some customers have deeplinks to some pages, some have postet links to pages on my site in forums.

    How to deal with this nicely ?
    I would like to have the user get redirected to either the main index page, or atleast get a notice that the link is broken or simply changed.

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    The best way would be to KEEP any pages you can, and just put a redirect in them to the new page.

    For example, if my folder "help" was changing to "support", then I would change the file "contactus.html" inside of "help" to redirect to "../support/contactus.html"
    This can be done using a variety of methods (meta refresh, javascript or server side redirects).

    If you can't control certain pages (for example, forums or plugins that you have little control over) your hosting company should allow you to create a CUSTOM 404 error page.

    The 404 error page is usually what is shown to users when the page cannot be found. By creating a custom one you can redirect them to your main page, or just put a message stating that the link is broken, and apologize for the error.

    As a final note, if you have any tracking scripts (like Google Analytics) you may want to see who your major referrers are and inform them of any changes. If you have a really good host, they may already have that information for you, and they can tell you which websites are directing users to which pages.

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