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Thread: IE parsing problem with Facebook URLs

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    IE parsing problem with Facebook URLs

    I'm working on a website update for an NPO. They would like to link to their facebook page so I dropped a link on their homepage to their facebook page.

    In firefox, no problems, but in IE (versions 7.0.5730 as well as 8.0.7600) the link takes you to the facebook login page... and even if you log in it still only takes you to your homepage rather than the organization's page.

    Maybe I'm not using good search terms but I can't find any discussion of this issue or a way to correct it.

    Is this widespread?

    Can something be done?

    Why is IE interpreting the URL to take you to the login page?


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    Hi Ben,

    If you haven't already solved the issue, perhaps posting the link would help?


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