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Thread: Get data from php

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    Get data from php

    Hi frnds,

    I am a newbie to AJAX.The task is I have to get the data from a php file and store it in a javascript variable. I have gone through many examples but didn't find helpful.
    I am giving a pseudo html code here:

    function ajaxfunction()
    //code for httprequest
    call the php file
    declare a variable and get the response of php
    //return the variable
    //my code for displaying a map
    mainvariable=ajaxfunction();//storing the value of subvariable(data from php) in mainvariable
    //use the mainvariable and do the remaining task

    My php code:
    echo $read;

    the problem here is I dont have any form variables in my html file to use while calling php file. simply when the page loads, "ajaxfunction()" should be called and get data from php and store in a variable................

    I guess you can understand my problem

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    I didn't completely follow what you're doing but, simply, to get a value back via AJAX from PHP, and store it in a var:

    PHP Code:
    <?php echo "I'm a return value"?>
    JS (with jQuery)
    $.ajax({url: 'php_page.php', success: function(ajaxResponse) { someVar = ajaxResponse; }});

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