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Thread: webdeveloper.com - once a day, and it's annoying

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPnyc View Post
    Oh and hello Charles.
    Hey, JP. I'm working up in your neck of the woods now in Lyndhurst NJ. Helluva commute -- but I'm looking to get an apartment up there pretty soon.
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    I'm on the westside of Manhattan, but now I work in northern jersey, yep. Fortunately the co. runs a shuttle to and from

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPnyc View Post
    If you lived a bit closer I could get you a job. I got one for one of my former coworkers at draft, where I worked before CNBC. There is tons of work in this city and the surrounding areas for developers these days. I had to pull my resumes off the web because they wouldn't leave me alone. Recruiters constantly emailing and calling, 6-12 per day. Ever thought of venturing across the pond?
    Wow, that is vastly different to the UK. Over here, many factors are affecting job roles from the recession, with companies not spending money on large projects to foreign companies underbidding UK companies on major nationwide contracts, then getting UK workers to train up foreign workers who will work for a few pounds an hour.

    I used to have recruiters calling me all the time as well. Nowadays there is still a steady stream of work, but clients aren't throwing endless sums around.

    I would like to venture across the pond at some point, but I'm unsure whether I could get in on visa regs. It might be worth a try at some point though.

    One thing I was thinking of doing in a few years, once I've sold off all my property and gone back to renting, is to travel the world a bit. I thought a good way to do this would be to offer my skills to people, anywhere from physical to technical, for board and food.
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