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Thread: IE9 and PHP with CSS header

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    Angry IE9 and PHP with CSS header


    header("Content-type: text/css");


    I am adding dymanic php within a css file to allow the user to change on the fly, IE9 won't render the css and omits its completely because of the header, anyone else having this issue? If I add dynamic php code to js file it includes the js file with no issues, did Microsoft implement some new security measure with css rendering?

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    Does it work in FF? IE9 shouldn't know the difference of whether or not it is php generating text/css content or actual text/css content.

    If characters and/or white-space are being output before the content-type headers are sent it will not work, but it will not work in other browsers either.

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    Using IE9's developer features (push F12) track the header requests from your page - Click "Network" then "Start Capturing" then refresh your page and see where, if anywhere, the request to your CSS file is.

    Do the same with Firebug in firefox so you can compare the headers....

    Also, do you have a link?
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