Tubeplayer ( is a nice little jquery plugin for Youtube's JS Api.

Issue is, though it claims compatibility with ie 6-x, certain functions only work on the current release of 9...

Specifically, calling from my JS $('#vidplayer').tubeplayer('cue',video) or any other method other that initializing results in no change whatsoever. If you haven't seen tubeplayer's source, it's available here:
and uses swfobject.

You will see that 'cue' along with all the other possible events are handled by a jquery bind and triggerHandler. As far as I can tell, via debuggers, adding alert() to strategic places in the source, etc, the problem is with either the bind or the trigger, but I can't find the issue. JSlint finds no (problem specific/fatal) errors in the code, and NO browser, not even ie6, actually terminates prematurely. Anyone know what could be going on here? I know i've been a bit vague. Sorry :<