I have a fairly typical WAMP development setup on my local machine, but want to get a remote server setup to test-drive my applications and give others' access.

Ideally, I'm looking for access via SSH and the ability to use PHP/MySQL features that are often disabled on typical consumer hosting solutions (e.g. stored procedures/functions). I assume this means that I'll have to get a VPS. If that's the case, which VPS do you recommend? What are the relative benefits/drawbacks of each? I've noticed some include control panel software (cPanel, Plesk) - are these necessary?

I'm on a budget, preferably looking for something under $20 a month, but would stretch to $30 if the value is there. I've noticed Slicehost and Media Temple mentioned here so far. I've also looked at, which seems to have the lowest pricing.

Thanks for the help!