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Thread: Switch to home wireless internet or stay with cable?

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    Switch to home wireless internet or stay with cable?

    I am trying to lower my cable internet bill (here in the US), because they raised their prices, and will probably keep going up, just like the nasty insurance companies do. Can someone enlighten me on this; a wireless provider in my area offers me to save money by switching and paying $15 less per month, than my current cable internet bill: http://www.clear.com/plans
    But I see their speeds are lower than my current cable speed test. Their wireless speed is: 1.5 Mbps download, and 500 Kbps upload. My current cable speed is: 9.92 Mbs download, and 0.57 Mbs upload. So, is home wireless internet more like dial-up? Would watching streaming have buffering interruption every minute or so? Would downloading be slower? Would watching a NetFlix movie get on my nerves?

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    1.5 Mbps is just enough to watch Hulu or Netflix without issue. BUT, don't plan on doing anything else on the Internet at the same time. No downloads in the background. No browsing while you watch. Otherwise you will have an issue.

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    If you can, look into DSL. Uses the phone line, but the speeds are better. At least in my area. Not as fast as broadband, but a good option at times. If you can do with out cable TV, might ask about the basic lifeline package that allows Internet, but only provides the VHF channel line up like Channels 2 - 13.

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